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Understand that you are already helpless and vulnerable to life's agenda. Trust that the intelligence of the Whole is managing your life and growth perfectly. For only with trust in life are you free from the burden of your spiritual ego’s constant effort to get it right.
Advaita’s understanding is very helpful as a hypothesis to support your existential enquiry, not as an unverified belief about truth.
Only in deep silent awareness, beyond the last trace of subtle thought, is truth fully revealed. And that sublime silence is given by the grace of God.

— Maitreya Ishwara

Autobiography Part 2: "India"

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The previous blog entry describes my practice/life through my freshman year in college, 1977/78, when I encountered guru Swami Muktananda and his “Siddha Yoga” (SYDA) organization.

Autobiography Part 1: "Something (Rather than Nothing)"

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My original practice style was ordinary American life. I grew up in a secular Jewish, upwardly mobile middle class family, 2 generations removed from Ukrainian immigrants between the wars.

who m i??

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Wants and needs are so hard to distinguish from one another.
Sometimes I feel entirely soulless and vacuous; the pronoun is dead and I am exhumed as the phantasmagorical.