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Our reality is often a fundamental projection of the mind

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"Our reality is often a fundamental projection of the mind and we become limited to the concepts, names and forms that originate in the mind, believing this to be the truth and thus reality. However, Reality is much greater than this and transcends the mind, being limitless, permanent and unchanging, and by its nature universal. This universal light within sees the shadows created by the mind."

— Tony Samara

Become the light.

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No mirror ever became iron again;
No bread ever became wheat;
No ripened grape ever became sour fruit.
Mature yourself and be secure from a change for the worse.
Become the light.

— Melvana Rumi

Global Meditation Event

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Thank you so much for being an active participant in this wonderful new paradigm which we are all together creating as we speak.

Ooooops...I Forgot The Map

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Ooooops...I Forgot The Map©

The mystery of the self-soul

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The right action

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No amount of common sense, a good will or being responsible is enough to act rightly and to perform the right action, because all those notions are always individually bound by man-made concepts and however noble in their agenda will always fall short of the action performed in freedom from the karmic influences...
...The absolute right action is based on one's level of awareness which in turn rests on being established in the Self. That is the only criteria for the right action. When man acts without longing, freed from the duality of the opposites, firmly established in Self-referral state, he is fit for the action which always promotes peace and evolution...

— Igor Kufayev

What is Monism, Nonduality all about?

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What is Nonduality, Advaita, all about?

ONE cannot evolve
and there is NO other
ONLY the deception
that makes ONE
appear many.

There is no evolution …

Reality's Evolution

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reality is deception on top of limitless levels of deception ..
the best deception appears real
until “evolution” replaces it with another
even better deception.
-- really, Really, REALLY


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God is said to sleep in the dry earth,dream in the herbs,awaken in animals,and in man to know that he is awake.In the enlightened man He regains His lost omnipresence.

— Hindu scripture