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Tirthapada-A tribute to a wonderful teacher and friend

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Tirthapada-a sanskrit name for Krishna/God meaning "sacred place of shelter"and the name given to him by his initiating guru and founder of ISKCON, Srila Prabhupada.


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Had the opportunity to assemble some favorite sages and teacher quotes into a short video clip called 'Changeless'.

Eternal life

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“Without prayers, purity is far…
Without purity, meditation is far…
Without meditation, light is far…
And without light, eternal life is very far…”

— Unknown

Ignorance is the Greatest Sin....

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"The greatest sin is ignorance...ignorance of the Divine."

It is not a matter of imagination or of mere intellectual speculation.It is the eternal foundation of your true being.You must know it.Master brings you the way.When you receive him you will lift yourself into The Light..The Grace...The Wisdom of God...."

— Lynn...