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Seven Stories

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It is said that when you read/ hear these Seven Stories, you can become awakened...

Indivisible Consciousness

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'I am' is indivisible consciousness.
Indivisible consciousness is complete,silent,forever
Natural Happiness.

let us see famous quotes...


PANCHADASI--- part 63

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E text source- www.celextel.org 95.‘Now I have no worries, I am happy’, thus do people describe the natural bliss of the Self in the state of detachment.

PANCHADASI--- part 51

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E text source- www.celextel.org 41.The passage which says that the body only dies and not the Jiva does not mean that he is released but only that he transmigrates.

Who is the Teacher?

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There is no question that learning experiences, spiritual or otherwise, can come from anywhere.

Waking up from the dream

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'Awakening' is misunderstood by a lot of folks... people are seeking enlightenment, but often don't seem sure what they're looking for.

Guided Meditation

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"Let yourself relax
into this moment.

Give up trying to make
this moment
any different than it is.

Simply close your eyes
and feel with sensation
what is here.

Allow yourself


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2012: Society's reality of what-to-think peace and endless wars will vanish.
WTT brain: the LIMITED, black-hole, What-to-think brain
HTT brain: the LIMITLESS How-to-think brain.

PANCHADASI--- part 42

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E text source- www.celextel.org 176.Knowledge and fructifying Karma are not opposed to one another since they refer to different objects.

Yoga Tattva Upanishad

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E-Text Source: www.celextel.org

Yoga Tattva Upanishad
Translated by K. Narayanasvami Aiyar

Om ! May He protect us both together; may He nourish us both together;