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I want...

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I want to be a pilot when I grow up
I want to excel in school
I want to win in the swimming contest
I want to go to college
I want to earn a PHD degree
I want to have a successful career

The power of the mind

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Dear ones,

this post comes from reading some people's blogs and comments and post and it comes from my observation of what the mind is.

Selfless Service

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For me Selfless Service means to be in a practice of giving without expecting anything in return.

Mystic Poetry of Rumi

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Confused and distraught

Again I am raging, I am in such a state by your soul that every
bond you bind, I break, by your soul.

Accessing The Eternal Now

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"In the mind,
you are always
going somewhere.

You are always
looking around the next corner
for contentment.

In awareness
you are always here.

In awareness


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What are flowers for the worship?
To be filled up with Consciousness.

PANCHADASI--- part 14

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E text source- www.celextel.org 40. The demonstrative pronoun ‘this’ is common to such diverse perceptions as ‘This is silver’, ‘This is cloth’ and so forth.

Realize Your Freedom

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"The root of all of your problems
is your attachment to thoughts.

If you are unattached
to the thoughts arising,
then bliss is your very nature.

If you can realize this one point,

PANCHDASI---part 52

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E text source- www.celextel.org 61.Though both are products of food, the mind is subtler and purer than the body. Similarly, Jiva and Ishvara are more transparent than the grosser products of Maya.

Yoga Chudamani Upanishad

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E-Text Source: www.celextel.org

Yoga Chudamani Upanishad
Translated by P. R. Ramachander
Published by celextel.org

Om! Let my limbs and speech, Prana, eyes, ears, vitality