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Selections from 'No Way' by Ram Tzu aka Wayne Liquorman

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No Way by Ram Tzu

You want your purveyors of Truth
To look and act special.

You want them different
And separate
And powerful.

You prefer to imagine them
Cloaked in light

The Untethered Soul

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Happiness- From 'The Untethered Soul' by Michael Singer

The Fear of Love

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We often hear about the play between Love and Fear. How one can't "see" the Love because it is "hidden" by fear. Or that True Love drives out all fear, and all the other clichés.

Reiki as consciousness

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The word 'energy' is bandied about so much these days. And it's highly relevant as it underlies life. It's important to also understand that there are different kinds of energy. Metabolic energy is what we use to fuel the physical body. There's psychic, emotional and mental energy. Then there's healing energy.

Even if we were to understand Reiki purely on energetic terms, the distinction still needs to be made that Reiki is spiritual energy, or rather a way to tap into it. What might that be? It's the all-encompassing, overarching common denominator.

Energy is undeniable and there is an energetic manifestation of Reiki. Before that aspect can be experienced and effective, however, a subtler causal level acts as a backdrop.

This backdrop is nondual consciousness. Nothing has separated or differentiated from it yet. It is One and all-pervading. This consciousness has no distinctions of subject/object, mind/matter, words/concepts, or space/time.

PANCHADASI--- part 49

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E text source- www.celextel.org VIII.THE LAMP OF KUTASTHA

The Ribhu Gita

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The Ribhu Gita is a long philosophical discourse between the great sage Ribhu, and his disciple Nidagha. It is one of the most beautiful and sublime non-dualistic texts ever written.

Why the world is illusory...

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Gurus like to talk about how the world is illusory, but maybe it seems real to us anyway. Can we demonstrate to ourselves, here and now, that it really IS illusory? Sure!

Songs of Milarepa

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Response to a Logician

I bow at the feet of my teacher Marpa.
And sing this song in response to you.
Listen, pay heed to what I say,
forget your critique for a while.

Fear of stagnation

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I've seen people here on Gurusfeet apparently afraid of some such thing like "intellectual stagnation", or of going off on their own and becoming at peace, without any seeking, completely still inside


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