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The importance of romantic relationships for self realization

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They say experiencing romantic relationship is important for self realization. They are correct!

So painful it is to be becoming enlightened - a true story

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So painful it is to be becoming enlightened.

The path is spiral, not cyclic

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Sometimes it seems to you that you are moving in circles in your spiritual path: I have already read this book, already done this meditation, already sat in satsang with this teacher, already underwen

Spiritual cost-benefit analysis

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If you feel that you must seek something, do not seek knowledge, seek realization. Not necessarily self realization, realization of any kind.

The paradox of EFFORT and GRACE

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I recently encounter more and more innocent people who fall in 2 familiar holes:

Talking about awakening

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Talking about 'awakening' is almost impossible these days (on the Yahoo!

Just don't

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I (the body, the mind, the person) am not enlightened. That which I let to operate through me is.

It was all the time 1-2 blocks away

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You are probably familiar with the this situation:

You are looking for a rare small store that specializes in the repair of some all-forgotten article.

When I see a very expensive car

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When I see a very expensive car, I see a man who realizes at the last moment that it was all in vain,

and then dies,

either regretfully

or laughingly if he is lucky enough.

The Untethered Soul

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Happiness- From 'The Untethered Soul' by Michael Singer