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On Spiritual Advices

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Spiritual Outsourcing

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You can outsource your administrative tasks, your call center, your software development. Why can't you outsource your spiritual effort?

A beam of bliss

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Every so-and-so seconds
a beam of bliss
is hitting you.

It is so ecstatic
that you want it again that bad.

Believing that all is dependent
you desperately search for reasons


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The greatest adventure in this world is "MEDITATION"

My ego is screaming...

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My ego is screaming. It feels abandoned. It feels betrayed. It feels completely ignored.

Before leaving home make sure all doors and windows are closed

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Each time you leave home, check the 2 doors and 5 windows of the house to make sure they are well closed:

Do you know someone who is realized?

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Is there anyone you know personally in direct physical contact that you are most certain that he/she is realized?

Oof, i want to get enlightened!

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Years of hard work, meditations, retreats, struggles with myself... I'm a bit fed up... I want enlightenment... at least a glimpse... something...

How can I know if I am advancing on the spiritual path?

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How can I know if I am advancing on the spiritual path? How can I know if I'm not fooling myself but really developing?

There is one clear indication for being considerably advanced on the path: it is when you don't care anymore if you have advanced or not.

What is Enlightenment?

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All of us in this forum are taking some sort of spiritual journey. I thought it would be educating to know what one means by Enlightenment.