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Energization Exercises, the 5 Tibetans

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I just read about a set of energization exercises called the
5 Tibetans and am curious if anyone has experience with them?

Do a search on


Merging with the presence

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The outer world is but a holographic reflection of our inner state. The human being believes that what we are seeking is outside of ourselves which is nothing more than an illusion.

Health tips

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Banana Benefits For Health:

Banana is an exceptionally healthy food that provides numerous health benefits.

10. Digestion:

Everything Dissolves into Peace in Meditation

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"In meditation and in awareness
you are allowing everything to move back into
its essential nature of energy.

You are allowing everything
to dissolve back into the one conscious energy

Knowing truth

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Truth can be known. Probably the whole reason for the creation to be there is the knowing power called Chitta Shakti. Creation is nothing but the manifestation of that power.

Init Chasm

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Hi fellow seekers, I'm looking for information regarding the issue of "Init Chasm", can't find something significant on the net although it's discussed a lot lately.


Life & Death

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It is an interesting question why we separate life and death. We take death to mean something that happens with the body at the very end of life span.

Energy & Consiousness

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If we study ourselves we can see and distinguish the two aspects very clearly. One is the Energy aspect and the other being the aspect of 'Consciousness'.

Adi Shakti or Energy

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All religions go through changes and though Hinduism has had an unbroken chain its emphasis and message may have drastically changed over the millennia.

Descent and Ascent

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Energy by its very nature is movement.