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Adyashanti - on being "stuck" in "emptiness".

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I came upon this quote from Adyashanti on this site. It is so similar to my teaching and some of my recent posts, that I wanted to include it here:

Emptiness and depression

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I think that the feeling of emptiness is a derivative of depression. The mind which tries to suppress the depression leaves a void, i.e. the emptiness is empty of feeling of depression.

Having the void filled

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Having the void filled, there is still a void.

The filling didn't make the void disappear,
it just made it filled.

It is still here,
the void,
mostly unconsciously

Working with Emptiness at Home

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I'm going to wait in the heart

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I'm going to wait in the heart.
With no expectations for anything.
Just to wait there.

No faith nor trust?
I'm going to wait in the heart.
With no expectations for anything.

The more highly evolved one is...

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The more highly evolved one is the more one needs silence. Silence is not emptiness. Silence is impregnated with fullness, producing a state of harmony, poetry and inspiration. Silence is the birth of the profound meaning contained in life.

— Tony Samara

Show up empty

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To show up empty is perfect happiness. The Heart is open and spacious, and infinitely precious. Simply to breathe is joy enough.

— Omkaradatta


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Our lives are shallow. We get caught up in trivials. We make them meaningful by giving then high sounding names and not seldom we fall for this propaganda.

A simple vessel, content in its "bucketness"

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Once that is accomplished, then the metal bucket becomes a useful tool for carrying water, or building castles in the sand, or holding colorful marbles to play with, or bringing seeds to singing birds, or holding nails to frame an abode or just a simple vessel waiting, empty, and potentially useful, content in its "bucketness" and striving for nothing more than what it is, for reasons unknown and unknowable.

— Adayre R. Miller, posted to The_Now2

Infinite possibilities

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" Emptiness which is conceptually liable to be mistaken for sheer nothingness,is in fact the reservoir of infinite possibilities".

— D.T.Suzuki