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How to destroy the ego?

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It is a common question I hear, but you can not battle the ego. It is the ego (me) that would be fitting the ego.

My ego is screaming...

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My ego is screaming. It feels abandoned. It feels betrayed. It feels completely ignored.

The missing part in the Law of Success

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In order to succeed, either any doing towards this success should be completely selfishless or alternatively you should be completely aware of your selfish motives.

Would you like to be a spiritual teacher?

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people desired knowledge and as a consequence became doctors,

people desired to sing and as a byproduct became famous,

You cannot force somebody else to understand you

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You cannot force somebody else to understand you.

You cannot take responsibility for him nor you need to.

You try your best to explain and either he will understand or not. Now or some day.

Spiritual salesrep is the same as any other salesrep

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There are those who write here and in other spiritual forums that you notice immediately that they do not care about you, they are not into truly share anything with you, this is just an excuse for th

When I see a very expensive car

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When I see a very expensive car, I see a man who realizes at the last moment that it was all in vain,

and then dies,

either regretfully

or laughingly if he is lucky enough.

A Meditation on Ego

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Those who have discovered great Truths have done so in the still depths of the Self. The ego is like one’s shadow thrown on the ground. If one attempts to bury it, it will be foolish.

Total Acceptance

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Only the ego can be touched. It is very touchy. If somebody just looks at you in a certain way, it is touched. He has not done anything.

Ego and such

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There isn't really such thing as ego.
There is a collection of fears that point to the same direction.
But a direction is not a thing, it only gives a sense as if there is a thing.