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The Journey

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Everyday is a new adventure that changes like the weather, I remain open to allow the opportunities to present themselves.

Whispering Rabbits and the Resonance of the Spirit of Love

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When I was a small boy, my Mother used to read to me at bed time from one of the series of "Little Golden Books " called "The Sleepy Book " by Margaret Wise Brown.

Morning Prayers 'Japji Sahib' performed by GurSikhs!!!!!

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"Japuji Sahib"

Ik Onkar
Sat Naam
Karta Purakh
Akal Murat

* pronounced saibhang in Punjabi


Poetry - The Sacred Walk

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The wind embraced my soul in a hug
The tree spirits sent blessings under my nose
The rocks shined their sparkling eyes along the path
To send their blessings on this sacred walk