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god's cohort

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only in duality:

the devil does everything
so that god can appear real
by doing nothing.

— O'no

A Stage Along The Way

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What is non-duality, ultimately?I see so much teaching that rejects ego,mind,etc.and seems to try to eliminate them in favor of an infinite,eternal,unmoving,dispassionate Self that sees them as "not real."They are real and not real at the same time.This is the importance of the teaching about Maya ("that which is not," Maya is simultaneously real and unreal).The Self/non-Self condition that sees Self as real and the world as unreal is a stage along the way towards the Vedanta reality, but it is not the full enlightenment.This is still duality.

— Jerry Freeman

Duality and Non- Duality

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As I had said I follow the path of Householder and duality is something that I understand differently. Duality is not out there but a product of our own mind. Let us see how it comes about.

Equal parts of oneself and the opposite

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The Genius is a man who discovers many others in himself. He is a man with many men in his personality. But then the genius can understand other men better than they can understand themselves, because within himself he has not only the character he is grasping, but also its opposite. Duality is necessary for observation and comprehension…….in short, to understand man means to have equal parts of himself and his opposite in one.

— Otto Weininger
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Posted on 2012-12-04 by Cologero