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How can I resolve the feeling of duality?

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since I am in the construction business, my whole day is spent in transactions.

“Tying up the Camel”

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NOTHING changes
{pun intended}

What a paradox .

This Nothingness.

And this Change.

And yet,

Everything Changes…!!!

Even though
Nothing changes.

Accept & Allow -The Only Way to Transcend

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We are constantly desiring to have things be one way over another, which can cause allot of suffering. These desires and preferences for one side over another arise from the nature of duality.

Jacob Boehme, on Gods and Duality

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"As man is a perfect copy of the universe, everything can be found in man"

Beyond Duality

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Beyond Duality 0
If you cannot get out of a duality
then you can always try to go beyond
and laugh to realize why
you could never get out of a duality.
-- O'no

Beyond Duality 1

All the knowledge scrambled my brains

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Once upon a time life was simple.
There were joys and sorrow.
I could take the joys but not the sorrow.

I wanted to know understand what this was all about.

Then came knowledge.

Duality's Trinity

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the “Holy” Trinity is not about god,
it is all about the COVERT or Hidden fourth, Satan, of the overt three, Trinity.

Satan is the “Holy Trinity” of Religion, Humanities and Science

Darkness' Light

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Light never created Darkness
'cause Darkness gave “birth” to Light.

Light CLAIMS to be “real”
by degrading its mother: Darkness.

Without the fear and hatred

Quoting authority

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Parroting authorities, experts, geniuses, gurus and gods
helps beat a subject to death
so it can appear far more alive than ever before.

— O'no

Maya in Ramcharitmanas

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Bhagwan Ram has succinctly explained the word Maya in the Ramcharitmanas.

’Mai aru mor tor te maya’