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If I only knew...

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If only I knew that it is a school.
But if I knew, it would not be a school anymore.

If only I knew that it is a dream.
If I knew, there would not be a dream anymore.

Being in the Present a Myth

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I want to wade into hot waters but I hope readers will give me a little indulgence. I want to break this myth of the popular stuff that says that we must live in the Present.

sea gull bliss ~ and childhood dream

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This other morning on the beach, a sea gull followed me all the way up the shore - flying in circles directly over me and making a constant sound that I had not heard from a sea gull before -

Can it be possible that reality is a dream we generate?

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Can it be possible that reality is a dream we generate?

I mean literally, every bit of it, not just our biased perception of reality. I mean the same way we generate our night dreams.

Waking up 'within the dream'

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(Warning, 'hardcore nonduality' follows ;-)...

The dream theory

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People talk a lot about the 'dream theory' in Advaita, that life is only a dream.

Is reality a dream?

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To me the Advaita's stand that reality is just a dream and that you can wake up from it is too radical.

Has anyone experienced it? Anyone waked up? Is it the meaning of enlightenment?

On what is the dream based?

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In advaita-talk, the world is often referred to as a dream, or it's said that folks are dreaming in some way. On what is this dream (fantasy, imagination) based?

The dream is social

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The dream is a social one, and the people involved are all in your mind, not "out there". Not a single person exists as you imagine them to be. The common link between them all is You.

— Omkaradatta


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I went to sleep one night. I had a dream. In the dream I was a river-flowing. On either side were piled up cardboard cartons-piled up high one on top of the other-scores of them....!!!