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Giving up "doership" does not mean that you should live without performing actions. Here we are referring to the feeling "I am doing this". One should carry out every task, speak every word and think every thought with the complete awareness that God is using us as channels and we are merely instruments to manifest Divine Energy. Then everything that we do gets done effortlessly and perfectly.

— His Holiness Shri Shri Nimishananda

Nishkama Karma - Selfless Service

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The divine fragrance of Nimisha Sugandha drifted to the devotees present at the Ashram one evening. Bhajans played softly in the background.


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The Holy Bhagwat Geeta specifically and clearly states that it is the "Prakriti" (Nature) influenced by the "Gunas" (attributes) which does everything.


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That which thinks that it's
functioning, that which thinks that it is the operating center of the universe
that can do something is an illusion. It has no independent power. It can't do