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Karma and Divine Laws

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Each deed, each word, each thought has a karmic consequence of its own. As you sow, so shall you reap. This is the divine law.


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The Moment of Depth

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Depth doesn't happen beyond the experience of the moment. It doesn't happen if you change by doing this or that. It happens by you celebrating the truth of yourself and the truth of yourself is always, whether you believe it or not, that you are a divine being.

— Tony Samara

This Moment

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"The Divine has created this moment in time. It is a very powerful moment, where there is only one way and that way is that you completely let go. Completely let go of what is known, what is safe, and move into the space of beauty.”

— Tony Samara

You, Me and IT

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Truth is living us. There is a Mystery expressing itself as every Now.

Role of Guru in our Lifes

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It’s extremely important for us to understand the role of the Guru in our lives. If we look at our lives today – during weekends most of us go to temples. We believe in the Guru.

delve into the thoughts of the inner world....

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"Suppressing your desires or avoiding maya(the glue that binds us to everything around), is not the solution.

Who is Known as the one of the most "Honurable" member of the site "Gurusfeet.com":

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Nishkama Karma - Selfless Service

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The divine fragrance of Nimisha Sugandha drifted to the devotees present at the Ashram one evening. Bhajans played softly in the background.

Shiva temple

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Vande Deva Umaa Pathim Suragurum
Vande Jagat Kaaranam
Vande Pannaga Bhooshanam Mruga Dharam
Vande Pashoonam Pathim
Vande Soorya Shashanka Vahni Nayanam
Vande Mukunda Priyam