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Corners turn

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Are we like a book?
Do we have a beginning and do we have an end?
Do we split our life up into chapters?
Do we allow others to read us?
If we were a book, how long would our stories be?


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Through difficult experiences, life sometimes becomes more meaningful.

— 14th Dalai Lama


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difficulties do not come to destroy you but it improves your hidden potentiality to face the problems,

Do not take a rigid stand on the happenings in life.

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21) You are like a rickshaw puller; wife and children get into it to get down on the way, paying you in kind (love and affection).

Do not fall prey to intoxicants to run away from difficulties in life.

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41) Do not forget the hardships you have faced in life and do not create the same to others to be human. The moment you do, you are as good as a devil.

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Life is the most difficult exam. many people fail because they try to copy others- not realizing that someone has a difficult question paper.

— unknown