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All auras are beautiful

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All auras are beautiful and therefore all people are.

This does not stem from political correctness,

but from formlessness.

Not from no form,

but from a state of detachment from form.

To Love you need to get detached

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God is omnipotent....

Many gurus suggested that you need to love each and every minute creation of God as he is in it...

They also say!

For Peace within one has to be Detached

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I have been so stressed out by fair-weather friends,ups and downs in my creative career,being defamed,for doing good,I guess the good people always suffer,but weak hearted gives in and falls victim to

Yours Versus You

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Nothing is Yours, You Are Everything

— Paramahamsa Mahaguru Elanggovan

Bhagavad Geeta - Settled Detachment


That man is devoid of attachment, liberated, his mind centered in knowledge. Performing work only as sacrifice(yagna), his whole karma dissolves away.

Give up control

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Let go of the moments of joy just as the moments of sorrow. Don't cling to them.
Relax in the present, forget past and future alike.

Spiritual Journey

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Your spiritual journey can only begin when you
give up your attachment to the melodramatic
story that you’ve been calling your life.

Detachment doesn’t mean, however, that you’re
uninvolved with the illusory world.

Detachment only means that your involvement
with the world is at such a high level that you
have no demands about what…or how…it's

Consequently, whatever happens in your life is
always 100% OK with you.

The last step, then, is to become detached from
your detachment.

— Chuck Hillig

Seeds for the Soul
Black Dot Publications, 2003

Modern Science

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“Modern science has proved that there is no solidity anywhere, so to what do you get attached to? And from what do you want to detach from? Forget all that nonsense, and quietly abide in your blissful nature!”

— Satyavan


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Thoughtlessness is abiding in the awareness that you are not what you are aware of....! Thus thoughtlessness is not a state without thoughts- but a state where one doesn't identify with the thoughts and thus claims them not nor gets entangled in them. Much like a TV screen allows myriad channels and stories to play through it but claims them not as its own- thus judges not, gets entangled not. It remains the still detached screen of awareness!

— Divyaa Kummar

State of Being

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Detachment is a state,it is not a totalisation of achieved indifferences.

From : ‘Fingers Pointing Towards The Moon’