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Our insignificance

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Plant an identity and self consciousness in something and soon after, it will recognize itself and believe that it is highly significant.

results of our karma

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all religions nd spiritual teachings say that the hurdles which we are facing today are the results of past actions in past lives calld our "karmas"..

the journey

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My convictions:We have a physical,mental and spiritual body.Each of them has to be tended for full maturation of one's existence.

Destiny or Unlimited Potential

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The Ideas of Predestination and Unlimited Potential are often discussed, argued about, and sometimes reasonably considered. I hope to do the latter here.

What is karma?

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The word Karma has become a cliche in our society, sometimes put in humorous terms relating to the foibles and mishaps that occur in everyday life:

"I tripped and fell down. It must be my karma."

who is important in this world?

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Word of MahaAnand

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“Not only I but also all,
Going to the ultimate goal of destiny.
Some in knowledge, some in illusion,
Some knows, some don’t knows
Actually we all are wayfarer of same way.
Destiny is from senseless to completely consciousness,
Through the activities, and enjoyment.
Through the experience of knowledge
Continuous walk– none is stopped here,
It is not also possible to stop---
There is no way but go forward,
Backward is untrue imagination.
According to nature, situation and happenings
Someone is at front some at back,
Some one who is at back
Don’t neglect, Mind it,
You also crossed the same stage once a time.
Once a time, his conscious will come......"

— MahaAnand

Service - Completing the Circle of Love.

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So much is written in no-duality regarding "practice", or "method", and about how there is no practice or method possible, as there is "no one" to practice or follow a method.


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Destiny are written by their own hand.

— vallalar

Word of the MahaAnand

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"Destiny is all pervaded stream of events, composed in the system of universe."

— MahaAnand