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Emptiness and depression

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I think that the feeling of emptiness is a derivative of depression. The mind which tries to suppress the depression leaves a void, i.e. the emptiness is empty of feeling of depression.

Curing Depression with Spirituality - by Stephen Knapp

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Depression, according to recent statistics, is practically an epidemic, with over 70 million people suffering from its affects, such as a feeling of moroseness, uselessness, lack of energy, inability

Anger and Sadness

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Ordinarily, anger is not bad. Ordinarily, anger is part of natural life, it comes and goes. But if yourepress it, then it become a problem. Then you go on accumulating it.

Understanding Schizophrenia and Depression

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Understanding Schizophrenia and Depression

How to Deal with Emotional Upheaval

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"First, realize
that someone or something
is not making you feel this way.

You are feeling this way
out of a reaction
to what is happening.
Blaming only keeps
you unconscious.

Depression - Tips for remedy

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Depression affects almost everyone. It may affect you, a friend or a family member.

Depressed ?

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1. Are You Depressed?