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Ghosts, demonic possession, demons, devils, negative energies, spirits

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Considerable numbers of people these days are suffering from causes which are totally unknown to them.

Belief in Skepticism (and ghosts)

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People will resist ghost stories forcefully. Instead, they will label the story teller as a schizofren.

Mumbai terror attacks, Somali Pirates - The Need For A New Policy of Protection

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(This is a commentary by Srila Prabhupada on Himsa (Non Peaceful) and Ahimsa (Peaceful) approaches during conflicts with references from Vamadeva Shastris (David Frawley) article "Himsa and Ahimsa: Th

Bhagavad Geeta - Man bound by hundreds of hundreds ties


The man who is filled with arrogance, self-conceit, anger, harshness, ignorance, insatiable desires, hypocrisy, pride, and hatred, who holds evil ideas through delusion, who is beset with immense care


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by far the worst demon, calamity, curse, catastrophe, nightmare; HORROR; civilization has ever faced
is not diseases, wars, invasions, cataclysms – world-vanishing meteors
.. NO, by far Far FAR
the worse HORROR for civilization
has ALWAYS been the rare ONE
that makes it all unreal.

Really, Really, REALLY.

— O'no