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Worse than death?

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Q: What is worse than death?

    A: Living in fear of death.

— Eric Putkonen


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Death is the curtain-falling
to end just ONE
of EVERY role
the there-is-no-other Self plays really.

Really, Really; REALLY.

— O'no

Science and Religion

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When we say that science is replacing the function that religion used to serve in giving explanation about the world we are far off the mark.

Realisation & Fear

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Cause of the problem is not religion but our inability to differentiate between idea and fact.

Life & Death

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It is an interesting question why we separate life and death. We take death to mean something that happens with the body at the very end of life span.

Meeting death

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For all our life, death is something that only happens to others.

We get on with our life, never meeting the end of ourself.

We might be afraid of death, run away from it.

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Death is not the end
death can never be
the end.
Death is the road.
Life is the traveller.
The Soul is the Guide.

— Sri Chinmoy

Hello again!

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SO,last week I was contacted by e mail by someone who wished to inform me that my guru(whose story I told in my previous blogs)Tirthapada was back on the planet and that my bond,connection with him wa

I Concept

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'Birth' is the birth of the I-concept. 'Death' is the death of the I-concept. There is no other birth. There is no other death.


life thoughts

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Nothing can happen more beautiful than death

Death is not the even greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.

— unknown