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How to explain the cruelty of existence

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The 2 year-old son of friends of mine has died unexpectedly a month ago. He was an angle.

They are devistated.

It really damaged my belief and trust.


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Death -- what is that? Around me, in me and through me is only Life, in its infinite permutations.

— Omkaradatta

The Formation Of Birth Beyond Science - 2

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Cont.. from part 1......

Death - The amazing conscious shift...

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Loss of spiritual control over physical body.

What ONE WORD do you most embody?

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In other words, what ONE WORD best describes you or what ONE WORD would you like family & friends to use most frequently in reference to you?


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I am thoughtless-Silence of dreamless-sleep.

I am One
that thoughts make None.

I make the universe appear real
with the same thoughts
that make One into None.

— O'no

The Formation of Birth Beyond Science - 3

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cont from part 2...

The Absolute - Life as it is - Even the Sad bits!

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I was recently in a comment thread on Facebook.

In this world of grand illusion, only God makes sense!

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These are difficult, testing times, both personally and globally.

Sin and salvation

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Casual conversations, movies, television shows, comic cartoons all indicate that the popular concept of salvation seems to be this: When a person dies, God weighs the good deeds and the bad.