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by far the worst demon, calamity, curse, catastrophe, nightmare; HORROR; civilization has ever faced
is not diseases, wars, invasions, cataclysms – world-vanishing meteors
.. NO, by far Far FAR
the worse HORROR for civilization
has ALWAYS been the rare ONE
that makes it all unreal.

Really, Really, REALLY.

— O'no

Back karma effect part-1 curses its not far away!

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i was reading m.a tamil books as i remnember my fathers forced me exit of msc physics in a.m jain college by back karma .....

sheeba's cry and new curses awaits!

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when sheeba met king solomon she refused to marry hopefully by "autograph" factor evetough they are real hushband wife factor or by crow effect...

valli devasena sametha sri subrahmania swami...