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Happy Diwali and Surasamharam-2

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Happy Diwali to one and all ….the festival of lights ……
Let the light bring knowledge, happiness, sporting happiness etc…
But after diwali comes surasamharam for six days ….

a legendary partnership! a magical me! 4th episode!

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a legendary partnership.....

i was just 7 or 9 years old......

a cricket match was being played between two teams a bet match at that.....

we were 9 down for 25 but target is 110....

Immortal Cricket Match!

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What is the use of playing a cricket match?
Listen to the Nath Yogi’s immortal cricket match.
To play this one requires no money
Nor does one require things any.

Match fixing - a catecism...! wake up sports lovers!

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i as a chess player in 1993 college time got "gold medal" in chess and subsequently i did excellently well in chess
near valluvar kotam i had a "state championship" in chess