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Unity in Plurality

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What a wonder the creation is. While ultimately (In Absolute) there may be no aim to this creation, there is still room for variety of personal aims.

Truth, Reality and Illusion

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I think the problem that the Neo Advaitins face could be solved if they understood the three levels viz truth, reality and illusion.

Who is Master

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A Master is a Master of Creation
Who has full control over the created.

— Master sarvari
-Master CVV Namaskaram-

The Council tells us of our Purpose in Life

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In this exchange between a researcher and William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, they say that our purpose for being in the physical is not simply to create.

Exploration of Reality

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Ending of duality is our entry into 'Real Living' and exploration can only be made into something that is ‘Real ‘and not that which is False. This was the import of previous post.


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All Self Knowledge brings us to the majesty of what we call God in common parlance.


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God is said to sleep in the dry earth,dream in the herbs,awaken in animals,and in man to know that he is awake.In the enlightened man He regains His lost omnipresence.

— Hindu scripture

There is one God of all creation

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Man considers himself a special being apart from all other creation.But so far as the ingradients of the physical construct are cocerned there is no difference between the various kinds of sentient creatures.Only the process of creation differs.

— Nisaragadatta Maharaj

Truth, Reality and Illusion 2

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There is a need to say something more about the Subject and the Object which emanate from the Absolute or Truth.

The Enlightenment Path of Jesus

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12/19/2010 - 16:00
12/19/2010 - 17:30

The Enlightenment Path of Jesus
Live Online Spiritual Class, Internet
19 Dec 2010, Sunday

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Dave Oshana