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Take off the mask

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I take off the mask because I wanted to express who I really am, warts and all, strengths and weaknesses, beauty and imperfections.

What are these masks we wear?

The Child behind the Mask

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When I was about 22 years old, I had the most extraordinary experience. I was having trouble with depression, and in the middle of a confusing identity crisis.

How will one live?

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Poster: "Suffering is only in the resistance, and so if you have become a "hollow bamboo" there is no resistance and you are not suffering. Humans do not want to be hollow bamboo."

Quotes by Swami Vivekananda

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1. Choose the highest ideal and live your life upto that. Look at the "ocean" and not at the wave.

being love by understanding the foundation of your happieness

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i believe it is our resposibility to have the courage to do what it takes to cultivate happieness and a healthier state of mind, body, and soul.