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Attaining Cosmic Consciousness

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"There is a force in this moment;
an intense movement of energy.

The more aware
you become,
the more you feel
this incessant
flow of energy
like a tsunami.

The tendency

Cosmic Consciousness & The Ecstasy of Garbage

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"Make no mistake about it.
Everything affects you.

From the music you listen to,
to the person sitting next to you,
the words you read,
the food you eat,
the sounds you hear.

The True Religion of India

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In the present age, we see that the whole humanity is in disharmony owing to religious differences.

New and learning, please share your interest with me.


I often wondered about the word 'Karma' being born in the U.S.A. I explored the subject and it's meaning when reading about Eastern thought and religion.


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Nothing separated us from God.It is only the acquired habit of identifying with modifiied mental states and objective phenomena that causes and sustains the illusion of independent existence.