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Belief in Skepticism (and ghosts)

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People will resist ghost stories forcefully. Instead, they will label the story teller as a schizofren.

Whatever you become aware of, the mind may try to control it - the pitfall and the solution

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The Pitfall

Whatever you become aware of, the mind may try to control it.

This is a paradox on the path.

"Reverse bootstrapping" Shutdown of the Mind

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From Wikipedia:

In computing, bootstrapping ("to pull oneself up by one's bootstraps") refers to techniques that allow a simple system to load and activate a more complicated system, and this one in turn can load and activate more complicated one and so on. A common scenario is the start up process of a computer system, where a small program, such as the BIOS ("Basic Input Output System" which is statically coded on a mother-board cheap), initializes and tests hardware, peripherals and external memory devices, thus allowing loading of a larger program, such as the loader which can load and execute an operating system.

Control as a disturbing side effect to awareness

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The more I am being aware of, the more mind is being in control of.

Beware when you are aware

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When you are getting more aware, more present; when you start being conscious of inner emotions and thoughts you haven't known before, sometimes you happen to feel more stressed then before rather tha

Mind Games

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Yes, the thoughts can easily be stopped...... And then what?

Kundalini, alias Shakti, alias Samadhi.

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Kundalini, alias Shakti, alias Samadhi.

Nonduality has no-other
so Kundalini/Shakti must be SELF, alias Samadhi.

Kundalini is the metaphorical movie-screen
and reality is its movie.

Non-Harmonious Relationship

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“Why is my relationship with the other now, not harmonious? It’s a simple answer. Because the other, will not always do what I want him to do. Can there be a simpler answer?”

— Ramesh Balsekar

What Would You Want To Do With It?

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When you’re living in your awakened being and living in an awakened way, power on any level is not an issue for you. It’s not interesting. The power to control another human being is not interesting. Intellectual power is not interesting. The power to control yourself is not interesting. The power that people want to give you is not interesting to you—not because it shouldn’t be; it’s just not. What would you want to do with it? You see that there’s nothing you want to do with it.

— Adyashanti