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Meditation Can Be As Easy As Resting in This Moment

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"It does not take any effort
to rest in this moment.

You simply have to stop
resisting this moment.

In meditation, first you become aware
that you are resisting this moment.

How to Experience Oneness with This Moment

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"One way to look at meditation
is that you are letting go
of your separation with this moment.

You are letting go of the notion
that there is a you that is separate
from this moment.

Freedom from the Past

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"Most people
imagine themselves
to be the sum of their past.

As though the past
is inside them,
is a part of them.

But the past is only inside you
if you are actively carrying it around.

Meditation: How to Free Yourself from Thought Identification

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"One of the main parts of meditation
is to let go of the tendency
to attach your attention to thoughts.

Thoughts arise
and you grab hold of them.
Your whole attention contracts

As we become more aware of our spiritual heart

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As we become more aware of our spiritual heart we realize no delight equals the delight of freedom.

— Tony Samara

Feeling Consciousness: An Effective Form of Self Inquiry

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"It is often said
that the main cause of suffering
is identification with thinking.

But if you do not use thinking
to perceive this moment,
what is left?

If you close your eyes

Transcending Judgment in Meditation

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"You cannot enter
witness consciousness
if you are still holding on
to judgments.
It is not possible.

Because judgments
separate you from
everything else.

But I am not saying

Nice Devotional Story of Shiva and Shakti

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This quote is from a live satsang
and best listened to while reading it.

You can hear it by playing this Youtube video.

How to Attain Fulfillment

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"If you are interested in fulfillment,
then what matters more
than the tasks that you do
is how present you are with the tasks.

If you are doing something

From Live Satsang: Falling in Love with This Moment

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(Quote from Live Satsang -Click here to hear it on youtube)

"How can you not be
madly in love with this moment;