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Silence Knows No Unhappiness

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"What is separating you
from this moment?

When you feel the wind on your face,
what is separating you from that wind?

It is your thinking.

Someone is talking to you

The mystery of the self-soul

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Allowing Meditation to Happen

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"It is important to realize
that meditation techniques like
watching your thoughts
or resting your attention
on consciousness
are techniques and not meditation itself.

The Fundamentals of Meditation

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"The reason why you suffer
is because you unconsciously
avoid this moment.

You are unconsciously
but constantly resisting
this moment;
separating yourself from
this moment.

Awakening the Mind into Consciousness

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"Consider how the mind
opens and closes:

When you identify yourself
as a something, as a someone,
it is closed,
it is contracted into being a something.

Yet when there is no identification

The One Absolute Consciousness is Looking through Your Eyes

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"It is helpful to recognize
that the one infinite consciousness
is looking through your eyes;
is aware of this moment
through and as your form.

If you really look,
you will see it is not

How to Realize Timelessness in Meditation

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"Most people imagine 'now'
to be a split second in time
between past and future.

But 'now' is not a moment in time,
it is free of time.

Time exists in the mind.
The mind remembers a past

Realizing Witness Consciousness

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"If you witness
this moment,
without attachment
you will see
everything is moving
by itself.

Yet everything is moving
within consciousness,
which is motionless;

vast and motionless.

Attaining Samadhi in Meditation

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"If you can get to
the point in witnessing
in meditation,
where you realize
that everything
is moving by itself,

then you drop
out of any idea
of yourself
and into

Words become real with the energy of action.

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Words become real with the energy of action. The energy of action comes from our centre, our heart...

— Tony Samara