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How to Fall into Spiritual Awakening

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"The beautiful thing about a dog
is he's never going to lie to you.

If he's sad, he's going to tell you.
If he's glad to see you,
he's going to tell you.

But there is something

Realize You Are Consciousness

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"Suffering arises
because you identify with
the thoughts and feelings that arise.

Thinking is happening,
you grab hold of the thoughts,
you attach yourself to the thoughts

Guru Love - Pain is going away now that I'm home.

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A couple of years ago I told my Guru that I wanted to go home. The cry came from my heart and the words were out of my mouth before I heard them in my head.

The Art of Awakening & Surrender

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"In the beginning stages
of meditation,
you are in control,
you are doing meditation
and this is the way it is supposed to be.

You are awakening
the Shakti (subtle energy) or consciousness

Simple Meditation Technique for Spiritual Awakening

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"Allow thinking to happen.
Allow it to naturally happen without
any involvement in it whatsoever.

Then, in that allowing,
let your attention
sink below the mental noise
into the quiet depths

The way of head & heart in Gyan Marg

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I feel that there are two different approaches that are adopted by two distinct types in following the path of self knowledge. I say this very tentatively as all generalizations are prone to error.


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Pondering on the amazing things that come up from synchronicity – all the people who appear in our lives at just the right time. Sometimes some are like the oven which warms the kettle.

Meditation Between Mind & Formless Consciousness

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"What is here in this moment?
If you close your eyes,
what is your experience?

Not what the mind tells you,
not what the thoughts tell you,
but what is really here?

If you truthfully look

Transcending Happiness into Bliss

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"Anybody that tries
to sell you the idea
that you can be happy
all the time
is lying to you.

The very trying to be happy
increases your stress.

Is happiness really better

It's Impossible to Be Unhappy in This Moment

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"It is impossible
to be unhappy in this moment.

If you are aware,
surrendered completely in this moment
then you are free from unhappiness.

Unhappiness only exists