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If You Focus On The Finger, You Will Miss The Moon

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By Pamela J. Wells

Guru Nanak Quote

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O mind, what are you searching?
Inside and outside it is one only.
It is the concept that makes you
feel inside and outside.

Once the earthen pot bearing the
name Nanak is broken,
by getting rid of the concept
that I am the body,
where is inside and outside?
It is "I" only prevailing everywhere.

— Guru Nanak

Ego's Concepts About Enlightenment

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There seem to be a number of mental concepts about what the seeker is seeking and what it will eventually do for "HIM" .

This is an excerpt of a conversation on the subject, with WAYNE LIQUORMAN

Spiritual Terminology

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If you get too caught up in spiritual terminology, right/wrong, then you are still playing on the monkey bars of the mind.

— Pamela J. Wells

Right Way Wrong Way

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The ego likes to say what is the wrong way what is the right way. It is all the imagination. Words and concepts are not truth. At best, they can point to truth, but they are not truth. Language is limited.

— Pamela J. Wells

Throw it away

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Throw it away! Whatever you understand is not the truth and it is to be thrown overboard. You are trying to catch hold of something and cling to it. Accept, as it is, what I am telling you. Don't be carried away by concepts. Don't employ any words, and look at yourself as you are. Few people understand what I am driving at. You are not paying proper attention, you are talking only after this beingness appeared. Before the beingness was there, look at that, be in that state.

— Nisargadatta

Experience of God

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There is nothing that you know about God that is God. There is no idea of God that you can entertain that is God. There is no possible thought that you can have about God that is God. It makes no difference what your idea may be or what your concept may be, it remains an idea or a concept, and an idea or a concept is not God. And so every student must eventually realize that he has to rise above all his concepts of God before he can have an experience of God.

— Joel S. Goldsmith
Christian mystic

A raft to cross the river....

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When the Buddha explains these things using such concepts and ideas,
people should remember the unreality of all such concepts and ideas.
They should recall that in teaching spiritual truths the Buddha always uses these concepts and ideas in the way that a raft is used to cross a river.
Once the river has been crossed over,{ to attain
Enlightenment} the raft{ spiritual concepts and ideas } is of no more use, and should be discarded.

— Diamond Sutra

Living By Truth Alone

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Once you know with absolute certainty that nothing can trouble you but your own imagination, you come to disregard your desires and fears, concepts and ideas, and live by truth alone.

— Nisargadatta Maharaj

Like a mirage ...un-miraging....

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You know....this "You will never die ..." business....
I've seen so many get all muddled up with it....

The response comes from having seen the void of the self....

And yet...