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The "I Thought" and the "seer"

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Recently, someone asked me the following question:

Are "I thought" and "seer" the same?

And to that the response that came:

Take Not the Name of God

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Take not the name of God.
Not just when it is in vain.
Take not the name of God at all.

Not because of some moral
or metaphysical

Take not the name of God

Concept ~

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Concept are like froth on the surface of the Ocean;
Truth is the Ocean.

— James Wood

Creation and Droping of Concept........

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To expound and propagate Concepts is simple,
To drop all Concepts is difficult and rare......

— Nisaragadatta Maharaj

The Minimalist Enlightenment Path

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08/08/2010 - 18:00
08/08/2010 - 19:30

The Minimalist Enlightenment Path
Live Online Spiritual Class, Internet
08 Aug 2010, Sunday

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Online Event
Dave Oshana