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Aum Sree Matre Namah:

Learning to love ourselves,self-sabotage and perfectionism...

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When people used to tell me I had to learn to love myself,I used to think it was a load of new age mumbo jumbo,but in recent years,have realised how vital,it actually is to develop a loving attitude a

Addictions - Are you aware of yours?

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Have you ever asked yourself if you have any addictions?

Vegetarianism and Spirituality - from ancient times to the present

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This is a text by Tony Samara except where quoted:

Ask Guru anything, but never ask that are the "Questing person" Enlighthen?

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Every time new guru's spiritual master peace preacher appear on earth in all continent all languages for local community, they are all perfect as they are, compassionately express to man kind for self

Education - Help or Stumbling Block?

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When I was a Christian Monk, it took me some time to "find" the simplicity of the Christ's teachings. There were so many concepts to learn, so much "stuff" to fill the mind.

Our true strength- A letter to a friend

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Beloved soul,

Bird song-pt 4

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From: MAI

To: X...

Subject: integration of the nothingness and the everythingness.

Dear X,

Thank you for the interest that sparked the rather long response. hehehe.

Mother Teresa

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One must really have suffered oneself to help others.

— Mother Teresa

Other people: Angels or Demons?

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Recently talking to a friend who hates people. (!) I think it was the mood she was in, but I'm not sure it's not an underlying theme.