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Who is eligible to teach about "Lord" ?

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Who is eligible to teach about "Lord" ?
"God himself" or christ or spiritual teacher or spiritual master, etc..
For what do they teach ?

Immortal Body of Christ

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The Body of Christ is an Immortal Being and not a religious institution or mortal In-Doctrine-Nation...

— Blahnanda Christian Yogi

True Story of Christ & Salvation

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When I was a 9 year old boy and loving the Lord, I saw an apparition of Jesus in all white, dressed as a shepherd on the wing of an airplane while it was still boarding.

Divine Child --- recognizing The Lord in All


Our salutations go to all the past prophets, whose teachings and lives we have inherited, whatever might have been their race, clime, or creed! Our salutations go to all those Godlike men and women who are working to help humanity, whatever be their birth, color or race. Our salutations to those who are coming in the future----- living Gods------- to work unselfishly for our descendants.

— Swami Vivekananda