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Master Chrism

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Kundalini Awakening
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United States, Australia, Europe
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Zamora, California
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Blinded_by_chrism kundalini

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I reached out to the fraud that calls himself Master Chrism, i was fooled by his fraudulant ways. He seemed like a sweet heart dedicated to helping those with kundalini and kundalini phenomenon.

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Chrism is my teacher and his teachings are difficult because what he teaches is difficult. Kundalini isnt for a weak person or a person engaged in hatred or revenge.

Radiance ...

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Chrism is my Kundalini Teacher. He is my teacher in the physical but as Chrism says the first and ultimate teacher is the Kundlaini.

Beware of Master Chrism / Chris Mitchell

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The purpose of this blog is to bring awareness about the biggest sexual and spiritual predator, pretending to be the grandmaster of Kundalini -THE FAKE MASTER CHRISM.


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It has been raining here for days and the meadow grass in the field outside my house is falling over from the weight of the wetness -

Chrism is my kundalini teacher

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Chrism is my kundalini teacher.

24th of May 2012 ... Emotional Kryias

I am in day three of my faste /kundalini diet.

It is going well but it is also challenging.

Accepting the challenge...

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When Kundalini comes some of us resist the gift. It may be because we do not understand what is happening or we may feel we are too busy or we may feel that this is just not the right time etc...

aspects of my kundalini awakening inc. a teaching from master chrism

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Before I ever heard the word Kundlaini I experienced Divine energy move within me, infuse and begin its Divine transformation.