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I reached out to the fraud that calls himself Master Chrism, i was fooled by his fraudulant ways. He seemed like a sweet heart dedicated to helping those with kundalini and kundalini phenomenon.

The levels of abuse and debasement of a student at the hands Master Chrism

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Chris Mitchell is by far one of the most covert and spiritually disgusting so called teachers I have ever witnessed. He has every single attribute of a cult leader.

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Chrism is my teacher and his teachings are difficult because what he teaches is difficult. Kundalini isnt for a weak person or a person engaged in hatred or revenge.

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Shakti Red

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Cardinals have always held a special place in my heart. Perhaps drawn to the color at first then loves seeing them thru the winter.

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Chrism is my Kundalini Teacher. He is my teacher in the physical but as Chrism says the first and ultimate teacher is the Kundlaini.


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Chrism is my kundalini teacher

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Chrism is my kundalini teacher.

24th of May 2012 ... Emotional Kryias

I am in day three of my faste /kundalini diet.

It is going well but it is also challenging.

KAS1 Safeties Protocol Installment #2

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Programming (TV, movies, books, music, friends, family, society)