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Herbs and kundalini

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I'm looking for some info about the use of herbs to awaken Kundalini


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female energy invoking at most sacred tantric place in Nepal ,Guheswari temple..
The Twenty-four Tantric Power Places/ Guhyeshwari Temple .

My Kundalini experiences. Add your own here:

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Seven years back when I was asleep, I could realize that I was aware that I was asleep. I could hear my own snoring. That night when I woke up, I had binocular vision.

Which chakra is very important in the human body?

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Chakra Dhyan

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I want to concentrate on my crown chakra.
Any technique/tip/advice/trick/anything that would aid me in concentrating on my crown?

Kundalini Techniques

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Kundalini Power raises automatically without doing any exercise or practice, as a person’s consciousness blooms. But it can be blocked somewhere if unaware.

Soundarya Lahari---11(last part)

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E text source- www.celextel.org 93
(Fulfillment of desires)
Araala kesheshu prakruthi-saralaa manda-hasithe
Sireeshabha chite drushad upala-sobha kucha-thate;

Soundarya Lahari---5

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E text source- www.celextel.org
(Curing of Tuberculosis)
Manas tvam vyoma tvam marud asi marut saarathir asi
Tvam aastvam bhoomis tvayi parinathayam na hi param;

The Seven Kundalini Chakras

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The Seven Kundalini Chakras

The following excerpt is from Kundalini Yoga: The Mother Power, by Sri Chinmoy.