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Avoiding Confusion in the Spiritual Student-Teacher Relationship: Alexander Berzin

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Excerpts from 'Relating to a Spiritual Teacher: Building a Healthy Relationship'.

Empirical Facts about the Spiritual Student-Teacher Relationship

THE DIAMOND SUTRA- Chapters 1-10

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Chapter 1
The Reasons for the Dharma Assembly

"I Am Tibet!" New DVD on Free Tibet & meditation on Amazon.com

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First Visit to a Buddhist Temple. Suggestions?

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I'm visiting a Buddhist temple tomorrow morning for the first time. I'm new in this journey. I'm also nervous and not sure what to expect.

Funny Ego, Ah!

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Dear Ones,

The ego is a very funny thing and it trigger so many buttons, so many dynamics... what is the ego anyway?

The Heart Sutra

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Avalokiteshvara, the Bodhisattva of Compassion, meditating deeply on Perfection of Wisdom, saw clearly that the five aspects of human existence are empty*, and so released himself from suffering.

Behaviour of the Enlightened- Part 2 -What the Buddhist Pali Canon says

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Kinds of Buddha (from Wiki)

In the Pali commentaries, three kinds of buddha are mentioned:

Manifesting the divine qualities...

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"Manifesting the divine qualities in everyday existence transforms the universe, which sparks the light into the expression of our personality and even of life. The very contours of our physical being are transformed, as we transcend to experience sublime emotions such as compassion, truth and love in a way that is universal and beyond our personal limitations."

— Tony Samara

The Five Precepts of Buddhism

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The Five Precepts of Buddhism:

1. Abstain from taking life
2. Abstain from taking that which is not given
3. Abstain from misconduct done in lust
4. Abstain from lying
5. Abstain from all forms of intoxication

— Buddhism

Autobiography Part 8: "Buddhism"

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In the last entry, it was the 4th or 5th day of intense sitting, my first Zen retreat back in 1988, and I'd had a big breakthrough in meditation.