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Good links about boredom, nothingness and spirituality

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I feel that the feeling of boredom and the fear of nothingness are central in the spiritual awakening, one of the most trickiest pitfalls that can block one for eons in the path to spiritual developme

The now is boring, says the mind

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It's petrifying how little from the world truly exists: only the now.

Such a narrow flickering glimpse.

The past is memory. The future is simulation. And they are both occurring in the now, the recalling of the memory, the playing of the simulation. Aren't they?

Addicted people can't meditate

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I find it hard to meditate, I get bored and then agitated and restless as soon as I begin meditating. This stress compels me to stop.

This is natural, it is great that you admit it. There are many people, even "experienced spiritualists" that overlook this and thus get only more agitated during meditation.

Divinity drives out Boredom

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When Divinity enters our lives, three things are taken away from us – boredom, loneliness and aloofness. Nothing seems like work or drudgery anymore because the Spirit within is fully activated. So, we enjoy everything that we do and there is neither boredom nor pressure.

— His Holiness Shri Shri Nimishananda