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Is a living guru necessary?

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The true guru

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I have been searching and meeting few gurus, but I am always very concerned about their honesty and being genuine and true enlightened spiritual master.

Plastic Flowers - or - The law of the imperfect perfect

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Compare a perfect plastic flower to an imperfect genuine flower - which one of them is more perfect?

Spiritual mouth to mouth resuscitation

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Mouth to mouth resuscitation has figurative connotations, sexual ones. We occasionally laugh about it - "Yes, I would give this chick a mouth to mouth resuscitation if only she fainted" and so on.

Why is a living guru necessary?

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I had a correspondence of interesting Q&A with a friend here. I take the liberty to share it as I think it may be of interest also to others.

Is Guru necessary in the path of Enlightenment ?

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What if we delude ourselves with all that spirituality?

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What if we delude ourselves with all that spirituality?

What if we bet on the wrong horse and there is nothing true in the spiritual doctrines we believe in?

He who calls himself swami

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He who calls himself swami...

He who lets others call him swami...

He who agrees even to his guru's wish to be called swami...

He is, of course, not a swami.