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In today's constant changing world, where the demands for awareness are continuos, where do you focus your Intention?

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Consciounesses of different orders - we are not alone!

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According to scientific research cells have consciousness.

I wonder, then, if cells in a certain organ of our body think that they are the only ones in the whole body planet.

Guru Nanak Quote

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O mind, what are you searching?
Inside and outside it is one only.
It is the concept that makes you
feel inside and outside.

Once the earthen pot bearing the
name Nanak is broken,
by getting rid of the concept
that I am the body,
where is inside and outside?
It is "I" only prevailing everywhere.

— Guru Nanak

The strange condition of a realized one

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A realized one
A container in a strange condition
That caved in to pressure
That gave up the person it contained
But that, strange enough,
Continues to function

Stop imagining

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What happens to the body and the mind may not be within your power to change, but you can always put an end to your imagining yourself to be body and mind. Whatever happens, remind yourself that only your body and mind are affected, not yourself.

— Nisargadatta Maharaj,
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