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Why does the Self get identified with the body and mind?

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When there is a strong pain or pleasure, the Self is getting identified with the mind and body.

The widespread belief is that it is doing so out of desire or fear.

Our many selves and their contradicting attitudes

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It's amazing how the very same person can react totally differently to the very same thing in different times, once with adoration and once with disgust.

The human race.

Who are you, really? find out in 5 simple steps...

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Someone very amazing and outstanding once asked me: "Who are you?". Obviously this question made me think and lead me to the question "Who am I".

Transcending the body and mind

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I'll start this by saying it's likely you've already transcended the body, despite the fact you may believe you are it at times, identify with it.

"Spirituality" Realisation Through Mouth Ulcers

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"Spiritualiy" Through Mouth Ulcers,
Once i was badly effected by Mouth Ulcers,
I was not able to chew the single bite of any food,
Someody recommended me a medicine named ORASORE GEL,

Why I am not the body...

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It's really very easy to see that I am not the body. First off, am I able to trust the simple, the easy, the obvious?

Greatest Spiritual-Physical Nonsense

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Where do you feel you are located in your body?

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The body and the user manual

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It is amazing that we were given this sophisticated body.

But it is more amazing that we were given its user manual with it.

Think about it. It is not trivial.

Do you smoke?

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