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Alien Hand Syndrome

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I have just returned from a dinner I had with some friends in a nice restaurant. One of my friends is a neurologist. During the dinner he happened to mention an interesting neurological disorder called the Alien Hand Syndrome that one of his patients is suffering from. All were fascinated by the strange phenomena concerned with this disorder. My attention, on the other hand, was immediately drawn to the ridiculous light this syndrome sheds on our deep-rooted belief that we are the body and that this I-body is a consistent uniform solid entity.

Question about Kundalini

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I have a question about Kundalini, I'm not sure this thread is the right one:

Are we the body?

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The next time you run into someone who has waited too long to take a shower, try one of these statements:

(A) You stink!

(B) Your body stinks.

Is a center really necessary?

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When we do some action, we take it for granted that there must be a center, an "I" that does the action, is it really so? Can't an action just happen without a subject, a doer, a center?

Before leaving home make sure all doors and windows are closed

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Each time you leave home, check the 2 doors and 5 windows of the house to make sure they are well closed:

Mingle yourself

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Mingle yourself! - this is an important rule for a businessman when attending a business event.

This is also an important rule for a spiritual person.

Watch the tip of your nose from below

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Close your eyes and observe for some time the tip of your nose for any sensations. Just observe and feel the place, just be there.

why some gain weight and some not

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I have found out the following by experience. I know it will sound to some as spiritual bullshit or too simplistic but it works. I swear. It explains all the many enigmas concerning obesity.

Why is it so hard for us to accept that emotions are just body sensations?

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As I wrote in my previous blog entry, at the beginning, the claim that emotions are just an abstract mental image of body sensations seemed to me far too radical, an outrageous underestimation of our

First unite with your body, you pathetic spiritual clown!

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The Pseudo Advaita Manifesto

- or -

First unite with your body, you pathetic spiritual clown!

- by -

Riktam Kantu

*** Translation from Spanish ***