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This is an invitation to join Life Bliss,a community in ORKUT. Purposes are complementary and hopefully synergistic. This is a message i posted today on this new site. It may interest some of you.

Enlightenment & The Importance of Kundalini Shakti

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"Underneath everything
is silence;
deep, profound, infinite silence.

It is in everything
yet remains
as nothing.

The spiritual path
is very slippery
because of this.

Because the mind


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"Life is the royal road that runs to our destination. We need the light of knowledge and the aroma of love with which life becomes replete with knowledge, and with uniformity of feelings life gets a bloom."

— Unknown

How to Lose Yourself in Bliss

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"There are 2 ways of falling in love:

One is all about you.
Will they love me
will they kiss me,
will they marry me.
Am I good enough.

This type of falling in love is suffering.

Experience inner joy

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“Inner joy is not a concept to be theorized or talked about; it exists inside each one of us so that we can experience it and enjoy it constantly. So let us be joyful always by remembering that each moment is a gift from God to us to enjoy.”

— Shri Shri Nimishananda Guru

Blessings of God

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How to get the blessings of God.
Many are thinking to get the blessings of a Guru in the human body.
You can also think about the blessings of God, who the Guru is also interested.

No power in the universe can withhold

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I, for one, thoroughly believe that no power in the universe can withhold from anyone anything they really deserve.

-- Swami Vivekananda

— Swami Vivekananda

An Ode To Mother Nature

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The meadows overwhelmed me,
The silent blower blew,
The lilies their fragrance lingering,
Rejuvenated with the dew !

The snow capped soaring mountains,
The essence of them so true !

The Secret of Sadhus

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"The very nature of ego,
of feeling that you are separate
from everything else
is discontentment.

That sense of separation
is suffering.

And so we try and
fulfill this discontentment


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Bliss ( sleep leads to a blissfulness of unconscious mind) waking state provides the consciousness of the eternal truth which illumines on its own & does not need external sources , the radiance sprea