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Overcoming The Final Obstacle To Spiritual Awakening

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"Even behind your thoughts,
emotions, and physical experience,
there is still a sense of separation.

And this sense of separation hurts,
not in a physical sense
but energetically.

The Dance of Life

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Every soul is an expression of divine consciousness. The soul's individuality provides the distinctions required for the drama of life to unfold; the appearance of separation is a prerequisite for all interaction in the dance of life.
We are multidimensional beings with separate bodies, minds and souls. At the level of consciousness, however, we are all part of the eternal One, God-the-beyond.
This underlying oneness is revealed more and more as we grow slowly but inexorably in awareness and love. With the flowering of enlightenment, oneness becomes your everyday experience of divine life - in the ecstasy of freedom from yourself.
The purpose of life after enlightenment is to enjoy the wonder of oneness, love and bliss - and to be helpful to friends who are still suffering.

— Maitreya Ishwara

How to Attain Perfect Bliss

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"Self acceptance
is the beginning
of true meditation.

When you fully allow
everything to be
exactly as it is
then you transcend
that level of experience.

You allow the body to

Live in the Moment and the World Becomes Beautiful...

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You hear many saints, sages and teachers continuously declare how we should live in the moment. Most people, unfortunately, don’t really know how to do this.

Spirituality and suffering

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“Spiritual life is full of bliss
with lots of suffering”
to make it appear real.
-- O'no

— O'no

Realizing Bliss

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"Bliss is not an emotion
or even a state of being.

It has nothing to do with
outward appearance
or personality.

The same bliss
animates anger,
sadness, happiness,
and humour.

How to Attain Bliss in Meditation

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"You do not need
to get yourself into
a certain state
or attain something.

You can simply
just be aware of yourself.

You can turn your attention
back upon yourself

Eternal life

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“Without prayers, purity is far…
Without purity, meditation is far…
Without meditation, light is far…
And without light, eternal life is very far…”

— Unknown

2 Meditation Techniques for Self Realization

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"One path of meditation
is to firmly fix
your attention
in this moment.

To not let yourself
get caught up in thinking
but rather to directly
experience what is here
beyond thinking

Transcending Happiness into Bliss

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"Anybody that tries
to sell you the idea
that you can be happy
all the time
is lying to you.

The very trying to be happy
increases your stress.

Is happiness really better