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Scientific Ignorance - Giant particle collider set to start

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I am willing to bet $100 (after the $100 bet Stephen Hawking put on this test) that this test yield no results other than disappointment and more skeptic theories...

Religion, Science and other Black Holes

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Deception is a synonym for Black Hole.

the Deception that makes matter appear real
is a Black Hole in Spirituality.

Religion is thus a Black Hole in Spirituality,

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God is a philosophical black hole – the point where reason breaks down.

— Kedar Joshi

Can Anyone Explain "Black Hole", Do "Black Holes" Give us any Example regarding Spirituality

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Can Anyone Explain "Black Hole", Can "Black Hole" Give us any Example or mystry regarding Spirituality,
"Please" it is a "HUMBLE REQUEST" to use simple & easy ENGLISH for Comments,

Advaita's Black-holes

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Monism is a language, fiction, thoughts.
Monism reveals that when thoughts appear real they define a black-hole
that makes thoughts appear real.
Each black-hole is, in turn,

Science's Treason

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Science is a small knot of rules
that make fiction appear real.

To flirt with the vast cosmos of rules
is more than just treason for science,
it is suicide.


Monism's Black-holes.

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reality is Monism's best nightmare
in which one black-hole
is inside all the others.

— O'no