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Unbounded Deep

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I am the unbounded deep in whom all living things naturally arise, rush against each other playfully, and then subside.

— Byrom's Astavakra Gita

How to gain and know ;about the learning of the knowledge or of any other thing; which is given in SHREEMAD BHAGWAT GITA PART 2

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9) Supreme peace and god realization;
10) Powers of truthful and righteous discrimination
11) Powers of faithfulness and faith

Bhagavad Gita

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Even the intelligent are bewildered in determining what is action and what is inaction. Now I shall explain to you what action is, knowing which you shall be liberated from all misfortune.

— Bhagavad Gita

He is the Goal, He is the way


But those who consecrate all their actions to Me, regard Me as the Supreme Goal and worship Me, meditating on Me with single-minded devotion, to them whose minds are fixed on Me, I become ere long, O Son of Pritha, the deliverer out of the ocean of mortal existence.

— Bhagvad Geeta XI:6,7.

Bhagavad Gita is Miserably OVERGLORIFIED!

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Bhagavad Gita (BG) is a hopelessly OVERGLORIFIED scripture which has been lifted up to a high pedestal by the power of Superstition, blind Devotion, Delusional philosophies, and wild Interpretations.

Three Forces (Gunas)

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Ancient science discovered that at the root of our psyche there were three forces with independent and opposing characteristics which together worked as a system.

Knowing through Cognition & Experience

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Truth is known by 'Cognition' and not by 'Experience'. This statement though simple is difficult to comprehend by those who are clinging to experiences (manifest). To quote Gita Chapter 12 verse 5

Right understanding


With their minds wholly in Me, with their life absorbed in Me, enlightening one another and always speaking of Me, they obtain satisfaction and delight.
To them, ever devout and worshiping Me with love, I give the spiritual insight by which they come to Me.
Out of mere compassion for them, I, abiding in their hearts, by the shining lamp of knowledge destroy the darkness born of ignorance.

— Bhagavad Gita X:9-11.

He is the Goal, He is the way


Even the most sinful man, if he worships Me with unswerving devotion, must be regarded as righteous, for he has formed the right resolution. Soon he becomes righteous and attains eternal peace. Do thou proclaim it, O son of Kunti, that My devotee never perishes.

— Bhagwad Geeta IX:30-31.

To Be Spiritually Minded is Life


Lord Krishna says,"The Imperishable One,the Omnipresent Being--He pervades the whole universe--nothing can destroy that."Forms undergo destruction,but the essence of Reality that pervades the universe is changeless.The Vedic Sage declares,Hear me,O children of immortal Bliss,those that dwell in this universe,those that dwell in the world beyond,hear me;I have realized that Supreme Being,the Self-effulgent One,beyond all darkness,resplendent like the glorious sun.By knowing Him alone one goes beyond death.There is no other way out of death.

— Bhagavad Geeta, and
Svestasvatara Upanishad
(II:5; III:8)